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Oh the Place You'll Go! Skills in Scientific Discourse Unlock Doors to Global Discussions

It is hardly conceivable nor is it accurate that any discipline expresses itself in just one form of written discourse. This is true even in the sciences, widely considered by the general public as depleted of all manner of grace and the romance of literary writing in favor of a skeleton of essayistic style saturated with technical jargon. If there were just one type of discourse amongst a cohort of scientists, either important breakthroughs would be reported in short emails or instructions to one's colleague would be a less-than-efficient lengthy dissertation. It is important to remember that the beauty of a discipline lies within the way it is expressed, for without written discourse the discipline would have no hard evidence to support advances in the field.

About this portfolio

My journey as a scientific writer is featured in this internet version of a portfolio. I refer you to the "Writing Samples" tab for a lengthy discussion regarding my reflection on my work which specifically highlights three major scientific pieces I authored. Within this tab, you will also find an "Additional Materials" folder which contains initial proposals, revisions, rough drafts, and comments of my peers to support and shape the works found in the "Finalized Pieces" folder. This latter folder is a showcase of my work in its current form. This folder also features a "Reflective Essay" in which the other three pieces in the folder are discussed and the process to write them is reviewed. In order to have the best experience, I encourage you to first read the three other pieces under the "Finalized Pieces" folder before reading the "Reflective Essay." Then read the "Reflective Essay" and refer to the items found in the "Additional Materials" folder as needed. The "Reflective Essay" also contains a self assessment at the end which I used to self evaluate my portfolio as a whole and the strength of my skills as a writer.

I hope you, the reader, enjoy my work and feel free to use the information found under the "Contact" tab if you have any thoughtful questions or comments regarding my work.


I would like to thank the immense help of all of my revision club peers including (in no particular order) Justine Pelisson, Michaela Mentzer, Samantha Pike, and Nur Akbulut. Additionally, I would also like to extend my warmest gratitude toward Professors Tom Akbari and Kyle Gobrogge for their continued support throughout my journey through scientific writing.

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Reflective Essay

Northeastern University June 20th, 2019